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Books and CDs by Diana Lynn Barnes

Diana is the author of books and information designed to help women in their struggle with postpartum depression. You can order them here.

Cover of book Journey to Parenthood

The Journey to Parenthood

Pregnancy is the perfect time for expectant parents to run through a "psychological dress rehearsal" of what life may be like once the baby is born. The Journey to Parenthood: Myths, Reality and What Really Matters answers questions and debunks some of the myths about the journey to parenthood, illustrating how idealistic expectations can clash with the stark realities of pregnancy and the postpartum period.

You can purchase the book from, or by contacting the publisher directly at 800-247-6553.

Cover of Transition to Parenthood Manual

Transition to Parenthood

This training manual for clinicians and childbirth educators comprehensively covers expectant parent issues, while emphasizing the often ignored psychological and emotional changes that partners may experience. The classes outlined in this training manual are specifically designed to provide couples the opportunity to examine these beliefs and expectations and to help them make the most of this important time of psychological preparation. It offers birthing educators an excellent opportunity to deliver crucial information to families in an easy-to-digest format. $65.00 plus shipping.

Cover of CDTransition to Parenthood CD
The complement to the Transition to Parentood book, this CD also covers the many changes that accompany new parenthood, helping clinicians and childbirth educators work with expectant parents during this critical time. $21.95 plus shipping.

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