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About The Center for Postpartum Health

Pregnancy and birth are a time of tremendous transition and change. The Center for Postpartum Health was started in order to address the psychological and emotional needs of the postpartum woman and her family.

Services include:

The prenatal passage:
This 6 week group is intended to help women prepare for the normal changes that will occur after delivery, offering them an opportunity to share their expectations and concerns. Helps women understand the symptoms of depression, how to identify their risks and get appropriate treatment.

The postpartum passage:
This four-week group meets twice weekly and provides a safe forum for women to begin to talk about some of the changes they are experiencing as they make the transition from womanhood to motherhood. Especially geared for women dealing with postpartum depression.

Just for couples - after the baby comes:
This 6 week group helps couples address the kinds of changes in their relationship that normally occur as they make the transition to parenthood.

Available referrals and resources include lactation, nutrition, doula, midwife, and psychiatric evaluation.

For more details about our classes, please see our Groups and Classes page.

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The Center for Postpartum Health
The Center for Postpartum Health